Loop finance

Loop Finance is an online platform which was conceived with the aim to enable businesses have a holistic view of their operations. Many SMEs fail because business owners fail to keep proper records. This makes it difficult for them to determine whether the business is making a profit or a loss and in the case of a loss how to plug that hole.

Income & Expense Tracking
Accounting Reports
Payment Request & Receipts
Payroll & Human Resource
Third Party Services


Loop Finance Online Platform

Loop Finance is an online finance and payments platform which will simplify and enhance how businesses record income and expenses. More importantly it will give them the ability to generate reports and forecast where to put their resources and where to scale back.
This is an online platform form with a corresponding mobile application. SMEs traditionally have not had access to such tools, where to have acquired such it has been at exorbitant prices as an SME ourselves we saw a need to solve this need with a platform which is subscription based and cost the barest minimum to the SME using it.

Online Web Platform

Online web platform for accounting and finance needs catering to any business of any size.

Multi Tenant & Multi User

Loop Finance is a multi-user multi tenant platform which can be used by anyone in an organisation. It has user access controls and the required permissions can be set to grant access to each user within the organisation. An intuitive and easy to use platform.

Online Platform Features

Loop Finance has a wealth a features for any business. You can do the following on this platform:- Accounting, income and expense tracking, prepare payroll and issue payments. Sign up to discover many more features.

Subscription & User Fees

Subscription is free and provides you with access to the account platform. Other features such as HR, Payroll and Payment attract a fee. Please visit site for details.